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The base rate

The role of the base rate One of the central bank’s goals is price stability, [...]

What is the difference between saving and investing?

What is the difference between saving and investing? The terms saving and investing are used [...]

The deflation

What you need to know about deflation At first hearing, you may be happy about [...]

The Cost Average

Does the Cost Average work? What is this at all? As the name suggests, the [...]

The inflation

The meaning of inflation Inflation is nothing more than a general and lasting rise in [...]

The compound interest

What is compound interest? Let’s start at the very beginning: what is compound interest. Compound [...]

The 4% rule

By following the 4% rule, you can build up a capital that never runs out. [...]

The rule 72

How can you use rule 72? Basically, if you want to know how long it [...]

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