Financial workshops

Choose a workshop that suits your own learning tastes and step up in financial awareness. Use your financial knowledge to your advantage and manage your money more easily and efficiently.

Online financial workshops

Learn about finance at your own pace. You will receive the curriculum in a simple video format divided into a few minutes to make it easy for you to digest.

The topics and levels of the trainings are tailored to you, you have the opportunity to watch the videos several times and you can also ask questions. We are constantly expanding the topics of online trainings, because it is about you, you have the opportunity to write a specific topic to your wish list.

Where this is for your development, in addition to the opportunity to ask questions, quizzes and gift excel calculators will help you.


Offline financial workshops

Year planning workshops and master classes in finance for individuals and companies.

Although these topics cover the issues of the “average earthly mortal,” you may easily want to attend other types of training in your workplace, business, or circle of friends. We want you to improve, so if you need anything other than the existing ones, let us know.

Please note that the offline workshop will be stopped by the quarantine, but if you are interested in any of the training, you can indicate your intention. We will send you a notification about the selected course when the organization starts.


If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help as soon as possible.