The why...

If you understand what events you need to prepare for in your life, it’s easier to plan … There are a number of lectures about this, but they don’t really show the solution that can be put into real life. They are usually excellent at a professional level, perhaps only at the level of reasoning, but remain on a theoretical level.

I’ve also seen in many places that they’ve sold something, but maybe the one who sold it didn’t understand how financial solutions work, not the one who bought it. In this way, the customer rarely reaches the goals.

I would like to reconcile the two sides. If you are wondering from a theoretical background why and how to use a real solution, you can reach both here. That’s why this page was made.

What topics does Silvermoon help you with?


About the forms and possibilities of insurance


Understand investment comprehensively


Information for individuals and entrepreneurs


Information needed for sustainable development

Why choose Silvermoon?

My name is Renáta Mundrák. My career in finance was a very old desire, accordingly I graduated from high school of economics and then from college of finance. I launched this website because I have seen that, with few exceptions, there is no level of financial education in schools that will allow anyone to thrive in life using only that knowledge. Although you can meet only me in writing, in my posts that are already on the fringes of my knowledge, I also ask for the views of the leader of that field. My goal is to provide the players in the SME sector, both privately and entrepreneurially, with a full financial background that makes it much easier for them to focus on their own work.


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