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Securities account: what do you need to know?

How does a securities account work? Using a securities account gives you access to new [...]

Investor Overview May 2022

Investor Overview The way of the money has changed, so the right choice of investments [...]

Investor Overview April 2022

Investor Overview The main theme of this investor overview will be the economic impact of [...]

Investor Overview March 2022

Investor overview Markets are getting really nervous about the high levels of inflation globally. The [...]

The stock market sectors

Purpose and characteristics of the stock market sector The stock market sector shows the grouping [...]

How to lose money on your investment?

What to do if you want a loss, or the small investor mistake There are [...]

Investor overview October 2021

Investor overview The downturn caused by the coronavirus has now turned into growth, but central [...]

Investor overview September 2021

Investor overview China is a short-term challenge, but a long-term opportunity. The most cardinal theme [...]

Investment risk

What does it mean and how do you manage investment risk? The risk of the [...]

The volatility

What is volatility? Volatility can also be seen as an (one) indicator of risk and [...]

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